personal emergency alarm system
Caremate is the personal emergency alert system

What is Caremate?

A simple and affordable personal emergency alarm system that quickly puts you in contact with your family or friends, all without the need to reach your home phone.

Welcome to Caremate

Caremate is a personal medical alarm that helps provide a more independent lifestyle. Ideal for anyone at risk of falls, having limited physical movement or spending any time at home alone, Caremate comes with a pendant that is always with you. Worn with a lanyard, just like a necklace, at any time help is needed, just push the button on the pendant once and Caremate goes to work putting you in contact with someone that can assist you.

personal emergency alarm system

The Caremate Difference



The pendant contains its own speaker and microphone




All communication is hands free via the pendant




Answer all incoming calls by pushing the pendant button


easy to use


Intuitive and easy to use


The Caremate Service

There are three broad areas that Caremate provides a valuable service:

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