Personal Emergency Response Service
What is Caremate?
Caremate is a Personal Emergency Response Service. This means at any time help is needed, you are able to contact and communicate with someone that can help you – without having to reach your home phone. Caremate consists of a pendant that is always with you at home and is small and light and worn with a lanyard like a necklace. To activate, you push the button on the pendant once which starts the automated call sequence.

Caremate is a Non-Monitored Service that provides a capacity of up to three numbers that Caremate will call whenever the pendant button is pushed. If these do not answer, that is the end of the call sequence. This services is flexible and cost effective.

How does the automatic call sequence work?
The automatic call sequence is simply the phone numbers Caremate calls when the pendant button is pushed. Each number will be called and if that call is not answered, Caremate will drop that call and dial the next number. There are a host of situations that can be encountered when calling such as answering machines, messagebank, engaged signals, out of range, rings out, phone switched off etc etc. None of these matter. Caremate will not recognise any of these as an answered call, so will therefore end such a call and dial the next number. Anyone answering a Caremate call “tells” Caremate they have answered it. This is done very simply and is explained in the manual. When this happens, the automatic call sequence stops and Caremate will not drop the call.

After receiving Caremate, you will be able to program in up to three numbers for your Nominated Carers. When the pendant button is pushed, Caremate will attempt to call the first Nominated Carer, if they don’t answer, Nominated Carer 2 is called. If they don’t answer, Nominated Carer 3 is called. If Nominated Carer 3 does not answer, that is the end of the call sequence. Your only option then is to push your pendant button again to attempt contact with your 3 Nominated Carers again.

What does Non Monitored Service mean?
The Caremate Non Monitored Service means that you will have the ability to program in up to three phone numbers for your Nominated Carers. When activated, Caremate will call each of these numbers, however, if no-one answers, that is the end of the call sequence and Caremate will cease calling. The only option is to push the pendant button again and attempt to call your Nominated Carers again.
What are Nominated Carers?
Nominated Carers are the people nominated by you that Caremate will call when the pendant button is pushed. They should be people that know you and can assist if you require help. They are usually family, friends, neighbours or anyone responsible for your wellbeing such as a Carer. They should preferably live nearby so they can attend to your requirements when necessary.
Is my personal Information secure?
All details you provide are kept strictly confidential and are available only to Caremate staff in order to provide the service. We are aware of the sensitivity of this information and the Care Centre complies with the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
Do I have a cooling off period?
Yes. We offer a 14 day cooling off period. If Caremate does not improve the independent quality of your life, we will provide a full refund.
Who owns the equipment?
If you purchase the Caremate Non Monitored Service, you own all the equipment immediately.
How is Caremate installed?
Caremate is a self-install product. We send the equipment to you and you install it. Installation instructions are clearly laid out in the Caremate Users Manual. It is a very simple process and you are always welcome to call us in the unlikely event there are any difficulties.
How often do I need to power the pendant?
After the pendant is charged, under normal use, the pendant will remain on standby and ready for use for up to three days (depending on use). We recommend that it be charged every second day. Under heavy use, charge it every day. A convenient time to charge it is when you go to sleep. Ensure it is within arms reach when charging, for example, the bedside table.
What is the Warranty on the equipment?
The Caremate equipment is covered by a 12 month warranty. This covers normal usage of the product and does not cover any miss-use of the equipment whatsoever.
What happens if I lose or damage the equipment?
It is your responsibility to look after and keep in good working order the Caremate equipment. Any damage or lose of the equipment is your responsibility and will require you to purchase new Caremate equipment from us to maintain your service. You must tell us immediately if there has been any damage or loss to your equipment. The cost to replace the Caremate equipment is $220.
Can I change who my Nominated Carers are?
Yes. You are able to change your Nominated Carers phone numbers yourself at any time.
Will Caremate work if there is a power blackout?
No. The Caremate base station does not have back up batteries and therefore will not work during a power blackout.
What is the cost for repairs or replacing any equipment?
You will need to send the equipment to us securely. This can be via Australia Post satchel with appropriate padding or bubble wrap. On receipt, we will advise you what the costs will be and how long it will take to repair before proceeding. On agreement, we will commence repair work and charge as per our cost advice. If you do not agree to this price, you have the option to purchase replacement equipment. If the equipment is covered by Warranty, there will be no charge for repairs or replacement under the conditions of the Warranty.

The cost of replacing the equipment is $220. Pendants and cordless phones cannot be purchased separately. Note that each pendant will only work with one Caremate unit.

How long does it take to receive my Caremate?
Caremate will be despatched within one week of payment being processed.
What if I Move House or go on Holidays?
You do not need to inform us of any moves as you are responsible for maintaining the contact numbers.
How far will the pendant work from the base station?
The usual range is 50 metres, depending on house construction. When Caremate is received and powered up, it is easy to check the coverage area. Simply walk around your home, inside and out. If at any time the pendant goes out of range, the light on the front of the pendant will flash red. You will then be able to establish where the pendant does not have coverage and therefore does not provide the Caremate service.
What is the cost of making a Caremate call?
Caremate uses your existing phone line and is treated as if it is your normal home phone. Therefore any calls are charged by your existing phone company in the usual way. Caremate is not a mobile phone.