There are three broad areas that Caremate provides a valuable service:
Fall alert system for the elderly

Fall Alert System for the Elderly

Caremate is designed primarily for quick and easy contact when assistance is required. This is most commonly used when someone is prone to falls. Did you know that approximately one in three people over the age of 65 will have a fall and many of these falls occur in and around the home?

The consequences of falls vary considerably, from an inconvenience, to serious injury and even hospitalisation. The common thread through most of these situations is that it can be very difficult, or sometimes impossible, to reach the home phone to call out for help. Some people try to overcome this by placing a number of phones throughout the home. Caremate provides a comprehensive fall alert system.

It’s important to know that statistically falls can occur anywhere in and around the home: in the kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, garage, the backyard, any stairs (internal or external). So it’s very difficult to cover all these potential areas with phones.

It’s also important to note that in a fall situation, a phone needs to be within arms-reach, which means a wall mounted phone may not be of practical use. Even a phone sitting on a bench may not be reachable.

This is where the Caremate design comes in: by wearing a call alert pendant that is always with you, it means you can make that call for assistance wherever you are in and around the home. The pendant has coverage up to 50 metres from the Caremate base station, depending on house construction. This is usually adequate to cover Australian homes inside and out, upstairs and downstairs. No need for phones all over the house!

The key benefit of the Caremate fall alert system is that the pendant has its own microphone and speaker, which
means communicating is comfortable and intuitive. To call for assistance, press the pendant button once and then communicate hands free. A Caremate call is just like a phone call – both parties can hear and talk to each other.

It’s important to know that statistically falls can occur anywhere in and around the home: in the kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, garage, the backyard, any stairs

While falls are the main reason why many people consider Caremate, it is just as useful for anyone with limited movement making reaching the phone difficult, or for recovering at home after hospital.

Take Incoming Calls

The simple act of answering phone calls can be difficult for many people who may have limited movement. This can apply to many elderly people as well as many people with a disability or recovering from an accident or from hospital.

Once again, there is no need to have multiple phones around the home to try and cover this situation. Having the Caremate pendant with you at all times means being able to answer all incoming calls comfortably without having to worry about rushing to the phone. Relaxing in your favourite chair and the phone rings? Just push the pendant button to answer and start talking. Like gardening? It is so convenient to be able to answer phone calls while in the backyard.

The ability to comfortably take incoming calls may add greatly to being able to live independently at home. Having the Caremate pendant with you gives that feeling of comfort knowing that handling phone calls is easy. Once again, with the microphone and speaker built into the pendant, communication is intuitive.

Fall alert system for the elderly

Family and Friends Benefit Too

Family, friends and neighbours are often the ones that recommend and encourage the elderly (or someone with limited movement) to use Caremate. From their point of view, they are often concerned that someone they care for may be vulnerable to falls and may be unable to reach help when needed. It’s all about knowing they can be easily and quickly reached.

It’s also important that family, friends and neighbours can call and know that taking their call is not going to cause inconvenience. They like to call to check in and make sure the person they care for is ok. The last thing they want is to cause stress every time they call. While Caremate is providing a direct service to the elderly or people with limited movement, it provides peace of mind to family, friends and neighbours knowing they can be contacted and make contact comfortably.

For more information about how Caremate works, please see “The Caremate Service” section. For more information about the equipment, see “Pendant and Equipment”. To find out how much Caremate costs see “Buy Now”.

Thank you for your interest in Caremate and we look forward to assisting you and your family if we can.