A Solution for Carers

In 2015 there were 2.8 Million unpaid Carers in Australia. Around 38% of Carers spend on average 40 hours per week caring. That’s a lot of people that effectively have a full time job being a Carer. For most of us in full time jobs, we are able to take breaks during... read more

Baby Boomers and Independence at Home

The first of our highly independent Baby Boomers are entering into their 70s and this ever-growing population now prefers to stay at home for longer. Traditionally, the older age group has been resistant to change and suggesting the use of any kind of technology is often met with a stubborn “no”.

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Good News if you have Limited Movement

Limited movement means different things to different people and one thing many have in common is the problem of answering the home phone. This can be an annoyance, an inconvenience or even an ordeal.

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Some Answers!

Here are some answers to questions we often receive. Can Caremate be programmed to call mobile phone numbers? Yes! You are able to put in mobile phone numbers or any phone number you like since Caremate calls out just like a standard phone. I have a large backyard. Will Caremate cover me there? Most likely.

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Personal Alarm Devices – How They Help

There are any number of reports from Federal and State Government Departments that provide information on how to reduce the incidence of falls. Why the focus on falls? Because they are the leading cause of unintentional injury resulting in hospital admissions among older people.

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Simple Tips for Falls Prevention

Falls are one of the major causes of harm and injury among the elderly, so it is important to reduce the risk of falls where possible. Here are some simple tips to help.

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The Home Phone May be Key to using Caremate!

Perhaps the most important aspect of installing a Personal Alarm like Caremate is ensuring that the person using it is comfortable and happy using it. As many children know very well, unless their parent is on board and agrees to use the device, they simply won’t.

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