Medical Alert Pendant Features

The  medical alert pendant & necklace is at the heart of the Caremate system. It is designed to be with the user at all times, so that help is easily called when needed, without having to reach the home phone.

A lanyard is provided so that the pendant is worn like a necklace. The pendant itself is small and lightweight – approximate dimensions are 73mm long x 39mm wide x l5mm deep and weighs 40 grams.

built in microphone and speaker

In-built Microphone and Speaker

This key feature allows you to communicate comfortably in and around your home, be that in the bathroom, the garage or even in the backyard gardening, you will be able to talk and hear clearly hands free. There is no need for a speaker box as the medical alert pendant is always with you.

Importantly, all in-coming calls can be answered with the medical alert pendant – just push the button! This is especially convenient for anyone with limited movement because calls can be answered while in a comfortable chair, in bed, or even in the garden. There is no need to rush to the home phone to answer calls.

Other Features

medical alert pendant & necklace

Coverage Area


Make and receive calls up to 50 meters (depending on house construction) from the Caremate cordless phone and base station.


medical alert pendant & necklace is waterproof

Water Resistant


It is ok to wear the pendant in the shower. We do not recommend taking it into a bath since communication is not possible if the microphone and speaker are submerged.


medical alert pendant



The pendant has its own charger. We recommend charging every second
day, or every day if used more often. (The base station does not have battery back-up and therefore Caremate will not work in the event of a black out).


The Cordless Phone and Base Station

The Caremate cordless phone has a colour screen and is a fully featured DECT telephone. It can be used just like any standard cordless phone for usual out-going and in-coming calls.

You may prefer to continue using your current home phone. This is fine: Caremate comes with attachments that allow you to run both your current home phone as well as the Caremate cordless phone from the one phone line.

Either way, the Caremate cordless phone and base station needs to be plugged into power and the phone line for the system to work.

If you have an answering machine, this can be continued to be used. Remember that on a shared telephone line, only one conversation can be carried at a time. If someone is leaving a message on the answering machine, you will not be able to make a call with the pendant.

Self Install

Caremate is sent to you via Express Post and is self-installed. A manual is provided with clear instructions and pictures making the process easy.