Terms & Conditions


1.              Caremate Equipment and Installation

1.1.          The Caremate Equipment is to be used as a communications device only.  It enables two-way conversations between the User and the User’s Nominated Carer/s.

1.2.          You are responsible for installing the Caremate Equipment/s.

1.3.          You must ensure that the Caremate Equipment is sufficiently charged for operation. Daily charging of the pendant is recommended as well as permanent charging of the base station. Batteries in the cordless phone are to be checked and replaced as necessary with rechargeable batteries only.

1.4.          You are responsible for testing the effective operating range of the pendant.

2.              Caremate Sale Details

2.1.          Non-Monitored Service: $219 for Seniors Card or Pensioners (your card number is required) or $244 for Standard.

2.2.          Ordered products will be sent within 7 working days of receipt of payment.

2.3.          We offer a 14 day return policy on all products.

2.4.          We will reimburse you the cost of your product if returned within 14 days because you have changed your mind or for a reason other than fault or failure. We will not refund the postage and handling on the product returned under this clause.

3.              Warranty

3.1.          We offer 12 months warranty on all items. Items found to be damaged due to human causes (including accidental damage) other than normal expected wear and tear will be excluded from this warranty.

4.              Equipment Returns

4.1.          Where a product is returned under warranty, we will pay the postage and handling provided that you call Caremate first to obtain a product return authority number. Please call 0421 202 794 during QLD business hours.

4.2.          The product must be returned in its original packaging, complete with all contents as shipped to you.

4.3.          You must enclose the following details with the returned product:

The Caremate client’s name and contact telephone number.

4.4.          We will not be responsible for items that are lost or misdirected. You are strongly advised to send your returned product by registered post.

5.              Equipment Programming / Configuration 

5.1.          Any and all Equipment programming and/or configuration in relation to the Caremate service must be performed by you.

This sale agreement shall be governed by the law of the State of New South Wales.

6.              Payment Disputes and Refund Options 
If you wish to dispute any payment amount, Caremate will take prompt and reasonable steps to investigate any such dispute and comply with our obligations, including our Privacy Policy obligations, where necessary.

Any Refunds will be by way of a credit to your supplied debit or credit card. If this is not possible, refund/s will be by cheque.
For any disputes, contact us by mail:

The General Manager
Caremate Pty Ltd
PO Box 2542
Southport BC QLD 4215
EMail: info@caremate.com.au
Phone: 1300 768 801