Caremate Medical Alert Phone

The Caremate medical alert phone gives you total flexibility at the best possible price. There are no monthly fees, no contracts, just a once only purchase of the Caremate emergency phone.

Caremate has a capacity of up to three phone numbers that can be stored. At any time help is needed, simply press the pendant button once and Caremate goes to work contacting these numbers.

medical alert phone

The Call Sequence

Whenever the medical alert pendant button is pushed, each number will be called in turn…

In an emergency press the pendant button once.

Caremate calls your first nominated carer. If they don’t answer…

Caremate calls your second nominated carer. If they don’t answer…

Caremate calls your third nominated carer. If they don’t answer…

Call sequence ends.

The call sequence is activated with one push of the pendant button. There is no need to push it again as Caremate goes through the call sequence automatically.

Who Do You Call?

We recommend that the contact phone numbers are for people that know you and live reasonably close by so that they are in a position to help in non-emergency situations. For example, in the case of a fall, the contact people could come around and provide a hand up. Of course, in an emergency situation, they would be able to call an ambulance.

Communication with Caremate

The pendant has its own microphone and speaker, which means you are communicating via the pendant that is always with you. This applies to all incoming calls too!

Communication is comfortable, intuitive and hands free. See the Pendant and Equipment section for more details.


The Caremate service is flexible because you are able to change the phone numbers that Caremate calls at any time. For example, if you go on holidays or go to another address, you can take Caremate with you and change who your contacts are if need be.

During the Call Sequence

Caremate may encounter answering machines, Telstra announcements, engaged signals, phone switched off, out of range etc. None of these things matter as Caremate will keep calling until someone answers and “acknowledges” your call. Only your contacts will do this when they answer, which is very easy for them to do.

Please Note:

Answering machines, engaged signals, Telstra announcements, Messagebank, out of range… There are a host of situations that can be enountered when Caremate calls.

None of these matter.

Caremate will not recognise that a call has been answered until a nominated Carer “Acknowledges” the call, which is very simply done. This tells Caremate that the call has been answered by a Nominated Carer and to stop calling any further numbers.